[Solved] Potential use of Elite License to actiate app?

Just as the title says, I’m curious if I can use one of my 10 Elite Licenses to activate the android app? I don’t mind paying $5 a year, just curious if this is possible? or potentially could be added?

Thanks :smiley:

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We want to do this, but Google Play has no trivial way to do it so we’re still working. Sorry for the issue and I apologize.

We made the Android app only a few dollars to try to make up for it. Google wants their cut of our Android sales.

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It’s all good, no need to apologies, wasn’t really an issue :smiley:

I don’t mind paying for a complete product like this :smiley:

Thanks for the reply!

its right! but for me… i payed lifetime license and i want to put it on mobile.
for Elite ppl… :-), 10 computers its alot and we want to use it in mobile 2.
i have 1 pc 1 laptop 1 Mediacenter and 6 mobile/tablets…

hop you guy’s will find fix for it.