SOLVED - Since the upgrade, I cannot launch Glasswire anymore

The message says that the service is stopped. I click the restart, it’s not changing. I havethe 1.0.38b now

We just released 1.0.40 this morning early. Please try it.

where is the changelog?
what are the things changed in the new version ?

Downloaded, installed, and … working !! thanks

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@RaidenRoy I just did a forum update with more info. Please check it out.


This version is broken for me. Each time a new “first use” executable shows up under the ALERT tab, and I virus scan it from the ALERT tab, it comes up as infected. Then, when I check other executables that were “clean”, all of them are displayed as infected.

Next, I uninstall GW, run a full system scan with Microsoft Security Essentials and using the latest libraries from Microsoft, it reports no issues detected.

I’m tired of dealing with this issue. It’s been there ever since I started using GlassWire.

So, I think I’m done with this. Too bad, because I really liked the insight it gave me as to what traffic is running through my PC and which “bad actors” are knocking at the door.

Scanning is done by your antivirus, not GlassWire. We use a Windows API to make the scanning work so there’s not much we can do. What antivirus are you using?

I downloaded the new version and it installed okay .I use DR Web paid for internet and PC protection and it runs okay with GW even the small box comes up saying its okay when testing . I am not a MS fanboy I have had too much trouble over the years from the “compatibility” assistant when I downloaded Windows updates -blue screen-programs that ran for months were blocked and a whole host of other problems so I stopped it .Yes I know -MS=your PC is in danger !!! Bull. My protection is totally integrated with Windows and I have many non-real time virus/rootkit programs (apart from Spybot internet protection which is live and Malwarebytes anti-exploit ) which is also active . I am backed up in my views by many in business IT that the compatibility " assistant is a big Trojan helped by another the "trusted Installer " guaranteed to block any program MS dont like.Comments from “MS”=its for your own good it also blocks you from removing system temp files and what happens ?? They build up till they slow down your PC -and MS advice on their websites -RE-installation ,sorry about the rant but its the truth and many in business agree with me. So I am not surprised that some people have problems with Windows “protection” which if you check is way down the list of good protection programs . My advice -BUY a good protection like Kaspersky etc .

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Version 1.0.40b = The Glasswire Service Stopped running, same with the last version (I think 1.0.38b ?) I had installed. Wow what up !
Never had a problem before with GW on this Win 8.1 64 bit.
Your forum tells me new users can’t upload images, so I can’t show you
the window of GW telling the above.
How to fix?
Why did it break?
Any Help, Please…
Thanks TOE$

sorry but there is no solution to it
developers are working very hard but they can’t seem to find any problem on their end
and they can’t recreate this problem on their pc’s too
so they can’t help it
i have this same fucking problem
but i can’t help it.

Before I delivered a knock out punch to the (non) compatibility assistant and its helpers I had ,as I said above,the same problems . But what you should start off doing getting up the task manager with it running processes , better still install Process Hacker 2 ,then try to start up GW you should see a line come up on task manager of the program trying to start and most likely turn red (in PH2) as failed to start . If you click on it you should look in Properties to see what it says . The properties in task manager /process Hacker is different from the properties window when clicking on the programme where it is situated (a lot more detail ) and you can check to see if that other big trojan=the “trusted” Installer is blocking it . These MS program rejectors work together to stop installations . If it is then take over OWNERSHIP of it from the untrusted installer OR its neighbour -SYSTEM . Dont worry about the big box coming up saying -OMG this is MS -you CANT ! do that or words to that effect . Its only one programme not a system file . And make sure its compatibility is changed to Win 8 and you are given full rights access by ticking the boxes and clicking =apply. If that doesnt work then get back ,yes I know totally not kosher and not by the book but you have to fight a war with MS .

heck I just uninstalled it.
If the guys of GW don’t care about it and fix it,
then why in the world wide web would I want it’s
non-preforming ass on my PC. Giving me troubles
I don’t have now.
Sure it’s nice to know the information GW
provided but, the firewall part doesn’t work with non-
windows firewalls as in Kaspersky, so as I see it far from
ready for prime time and I refuse to be a beta tester…

In GW,s defense this program is free and GW has put a lot into it. I think its great that my built in protection shows up on GW whenever it is upgraded top a new version which happened yesterday . I have full paid for internet and virus protection which is spit in many parts each of those parts showed up on GW .I get comprehensive detail of what is changed on my PC a lot better than some programs. GW is new and still ongoing its bound to have some problems . Just look at Windows I know I go on about it but I am only echoing the words of many IT engineers round the world . Its full of holes -they dont like anybody making changes to it so block many actions even worse now in Win 10 .This means they block legitimate programs because System/ "compatibility " assistant doesnt like them . They make it hard for a developer to overcome all the blockages . Now this would not be bad if they made it 100 % attack proof but no they want so much control over it that they have many backdoors in it . All the proof you need is the continual need for Windows updates and those updates are stored along with the old ones =Windows SXS files -you cant remove them they build up till one guy had 63 G of them .they slow down your PC til you are told =RE-INSTALL ! Can you not see what program designers have to cope with ? Even business IT guys cant overcome all MS,s many problems . 90 % of free downloads are full of pups malware BUILT-IN you cant even untick a box the installer just installs them now its built into the conditions of service just read some of them.Yet GW doesnt have any to help pay for its development . They do care but its an uphill fight against MS . GW can hit me with Beta,s any time they want I dont mind testing a program.


I think it’s clear from this forum that we care very much about GlassWire. I think our next update may solve your problem but so far we have been unable to recreate it and I haven’t seen other similar reports about it.

Unfortunately no Firewall can work when Kaspersky is installed because Kaspersky takes over your network connection and sends all your traffic through its own firewall.

It’s true we are still in beta and if that makes you uncomfortable I recommend waiting until our final version is released.