Some apps cannot be blocked?

I have done a clean install a few times, letting glasswire reset the windows firewall, and I choose “ask to connect” there are 2 apps that always show this activity even though I have them blocked - when I click on “hosts” it says local network - I cannot tell if this app is being blocked or not?

Sorry for the issue. Is it possible to say what the apps are maybe privately (message me) so we can investigate and try to reproduce this with our QA (Quality Assurance) team?

yes I would be happy to message you - how can I do that? am I correct in understanding that if there is a little colored graph on the far right it means the app is getting through the the firewall?

I can also say that after re-installing, setting it to “ask to connect”, I launch programs one at a time, and all programs ask except this one -it doesn’t ask - it immediately gives me the “first network connection initiated” message.

Known system safe processes/Windows processes cannot be blocked. Plus there’s no reason to block them.

NT Kernel & System for example. If you click on the shield with the checkmark it will tell you.
Another is Anti-Malware Service Executable.

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Plus anything that connects to a “192.168.x.x” address is a local private network address. It is possibly a Windows process connecting to a local network device such as a printer. I would run a scan with the “Things” monitor in GlassWire to see what it is.