Sort server list

Is there a way to sort the server list? It currently keeps everything in the order it was added and I don’t see a way to sort alphabetically or by IP.


Yes. Where in our user interface are you? Normally you click the very top actual column header and it will sort in most categories for everything.

I am in the main screen where it shows all the servers added on the left column. There is not a column header. I am also looking in settings where I added to the server list and do not see an option.


Click “+X more” where X is your number of hosts at the bottom of the hosts column. Then you can short by hosts or apps.

We’re working on adding search and improving this system in the future.

If you could share more details on what exactly you’re trying to see/do it will help me make a recommendation to solve your problem. There may be a much easier way to find the host data you need through another part of our user interface.

I am looking at the list of remote servers I added in the left column.

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Oh, I get it now! No, I think there is no way to sort that but I’ll send this request to our team. Thanks!

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that would be very useful