Specific Differences between GlassWire and GlassWire Lite

I finally splashed out after many many years of dipping in and out of using GlassWire and went Elite.
I have a lot of machines, and being able to track what they’ve been accessing and what they’re doing is incredibly handy. That and being able to block apps from a developer standpoint is handy.

However, I noticed you also have GlassWire Lite available, and that would be handy for the likes of my (decidedly underpowered) server and a few of my older portables.

What is the difference between GlassWire and GlassWire Lite? I can’t really find any documentation on the differences, and running both side by side I can’t even directly find a difference just looking at them.

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Welcome Aboard MKjeller! :grinning:


Thanks for using GlassWire!

Please check this Blog post for details about GlassWire Lite.

Hi Ken,
Yeah, I have read that, but it doesn’t make it entirely clear what “tracking hosts” means.

I literally have the firewall tabs on my GlassWire and Lite installs right next to each other and I don’t see a difference.

Do you not have a feature comparison table?
Or a clearer explanation of what “Host Tracking” is?


I apologize for any confusion. We will work to make the Lite version differences clearer.

The difference between the “Lite” and regular version of GlassWire is that the Lite version does not collect hosts under Usage, and in the Graph tab. The Lite version only shows hosts in the Firewall area, and in “Ask to connect”.

Since GlassWire Lite doesn’t have to log any hosts it allows it to use very minimal resources. I hope this makes sense!

If you go to the GlassWire “Usage” tab, you’ll see there is no Host column. If you click GlassWire’s graph you’ll see no hosts are shown.

Please also note if you use our Lite version you can use your regular license, and vice versa. Lite and regular GlassWire will remember your paid status and you don’t have to do anything to re-activate.

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Ahh! There it is!

Thank you very much, now I see the difference, the blog had me looking in the wrong place for changes and I ended up with tunnel vision.

In that case I’ll need to use the full release on my server as keeping an eye out for suspect hosts is important on there.

My weaker laptops and computers, Lite should be fine!

Thank you again for the clarification and thanks for the rapid response!


I was wondering what resources does the lite version ease up on with losing the host tab in usage, is it using less ram, cpu time, disk space?


It writes to the disk less, it uses less memory, and it can use less CPU for people who use things like Bittorrent.

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