Speed meter in windows Toolbar

Please add an option to see internet speed in windows toolbar. please see the attached image for better understand,.




We found it was complicated to put this in the Windows Toolbar, so we use the mini viewer instead. The mini viewer can be put anywhere on your screen and it also has some options if you mouse over it and click on its little settings icon.

For example you can make it mostly transparent, or make it appear on top of other windows.


We agree your idea is cool though and we have actually investigated it, and we’ll keep considering it if something changes where it becomes easier for us to do something like that in the future.


Can the font color be changed to something a bit darker?
I find it very hard to read the speed on a 4K monitor.

We will look at adding new skins with darker fonts in the future if we get more requests for that. Thanks for your feedback on the font color for the default skin.

You can also change skins by going to our top left menu.

You can increase our font sizes there also.