Still no First Network Access Alert logging

On thing that I had wished to have been fixed or made-friendly in version 2 is the behavior of the First Network Access function. I know I posted this up here as a bug report or feature request, I forget.

Seen in my composite screen shot, a first run Everything is attempting its default “check for update” as set in it’s startup option in settings.

Everything reports immediately it’s unable to connect.

Clicking on Allow does not continue the check for update as Everything has already given up.

My TCP log confirms no connection was made to voidtools dot com either before (of course) or after clicking on Allow. Could be the Everything check times out immediately or more like it just gives it just one shot.

It is not until the next startup that Everything can make the connection as a First Network Activity.


  1. The First Network Access is not presented as blocked or allowed on the Alerts page. I fail to understand why this is (as everything else is) and it’s ridiculous.

  2. This failure to connect upon the Allow selection is a bane to installing software as I have discovered over the almost two years I’ve run Basic and Pro on my four systems. This is particularly egregious for but not limited to installers building and running networking executables from temp folders. I’ve long ago gotten into the habit of selecting Click To Block for installs, updates and upgrades.

Otherwise, Glasswire 2 is doing well so far. I still want, as many others, a Find function and a click-sort for the Apps and Hosts columns on the Firewall page. But so do many others so I’ll pass on posting yet up another request in feature requests.

Cheers. And thanks for the upgrade!

BTW, the free Everything file system search engine is awesome with very useful configuration and customization features.


I agree with you and I want to implement this also. Have you seen any apps that use the Windows Firewall API that can do this? If so let me know and we can check out how they do it.

Otherwise to do this we may have to add our own firewall driver.

Sorry I can’t answer that. And a proprietary driver is a tall order.

At the very least, Glasswire needs to log First Network Access in Alerts.


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