Subscription PC & Android

Purchased a subscription for android phone, and would like to use on windows laptop when not on smart phone. Do I have to buy a second subscription for the laptop?


Thanks for your support!

Unfortunately we have had to completely separate our desktop/mobile subscriptions and that’s why we don’t mention our desktop software on our mobile page, and vice versa. Google takes 30% of Google Play sales, and there is no reasonable way to make our licenses compatible with Android that we can find yet but we’re still investigating.

Previously older Android apps had ways to be sold separately away from Google Play but our app is relatively new and the latest APIs and SDKs that Google provides no longer have the ability to do that.

We’re considering making an APK available on our website to solve the issue if we find it does not violate Google’s rules. Thanks for your feedback and I apologize for the inconvenience.

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Ok, that answer did not make me happy, yet, you explained your position so nicely and clearly, that I forgive you. :grinning:

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