[Suggestion] A Glasswire toolbar for windows

It’ll be amazing to have a toolbar that displays Usage Graphs and/or Speeds as numbers.

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If you go to the top left GlassWire menu we have a “mini viewer” option there that can show our graph along with a speed meter. It can be made transparent, and you can make it float over/under other windows.


We also want to add a speed meter in the place you show but Windows has no official API to do so. We try to avoid adding hacks to our software for security reasons, plus Windows can update and suddenly the feature is broken or removed and there would be nothing we could do about it. Then everyone is angry with us “why did you remove that feature!!!” when we didn’t…

Hi ken, thank you for the reply. Yes i have been using the mini viewer. I just thought we can do something like i showed in the above pic. Its actually from DU Meter that ive been using since 10 years lol.
I though it would be great if even glasswire could do so :slight_smile:
It gets activated by the “Toolbars” section in windows. I am sure there is some way to get it done.

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Yes, we looked at that app and studied it. It’s a popular request but due to it being a hack Windows may break it sometime in the future.

I hope they will offer a dedicated API for this feature because I want to add a graph there actually along with a speed meter.

Ahh i see, thanks for the swift replies. Hope to see a windows API in future lol.

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We have found if you implement hacks they randomly break with future Windows updates, then everyone who can’t use that hacked feature anymore get very angry! :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

It’s not fun.