Suggestion: Ability to view data usage based on WiFi Access Point

Suggest new features and other improvements for GlassWire. So i have fews (or manys) APs and sometimes i switched between them so i want to check how much data i used (and their sources) with my laptop per APs. Windows built in feature has this though it only show the total data usage not quite details.

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At this time GlassWire is strictly an end user device monitor, and is not designed to measure traffic at a central network location such as an access point or router. GW can only see the traffic from that device it is installed on.

To have that ability to track WLAN usage, the tracking software would need to be running on the access point, with some type of related server or common database, in order to collect per device data from all connected devices.

This has been an often requested feature for GW, and although it’s technically possible with unlimited resources or partnerships, it would be a huge leap for GW. Probably a major development challenge to get GW to run on a variety of embedded CPUs on network devices, many of which are running a Linux-like OS. I don’t see it happening anytime soon!

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