Suggestion: "Click To Allow" mode

Currently the workaround is to block all apps except the ones you want to allow, it’s pretty tedious and has to be repeated for every new app.


Perhaps I’m misunderstanding, but you can go to the GlassWire “Firewall” tab, then turn on the firewall and switch the pull-down menu from “Click to block” to “Ask to connect” and it will only allow the apps you allow to connect to the network.

If you want to reset this process you can go to the middle of the firewall screen and choose “Firewall Profiles” and create a completely new firewall profile where everything is blocked from the beginning to avoid doing anything tedious.

“Ask To Connect” only asks once and then adds the app to the whitelist, I am talking about a mode that affects all apps currently in the firewall.

It could look like this:

When click to allow is enabled, the previously grey flame icons all turn red and instead of blocking apps that are marked like in “click to block”, the icons turn green, allowing the apps to communicate on the internet.

This would make great use of the new Firewall Profiles feature.

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If I reset my Glasswire history, and need to re-train it to allow/block according to my preferences, I have found that the easiest way is to start out in “Click to block” mode.

That way everything is permitted to connect outbound once, and gets listed on the firewall tab. I will also get an event on the alerts tab for “First network activity” (if that option is selected in security options) for each new attempt.

Then it is a simple matter to clean up by going down the list in the firewall tab and blocking the apps that I don’t wish to connect.

Last step is to switch to “Click to allow” mode after 99% of the work is done! This way I minimize the number of pop-ups I need to click on to allow.

The alternative is to start out in “Click to allow” mode, and then click to “Allow” for every “First network activity”. For me, that method gets tiresome with a clean install…

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That is not what I am talking about.

I am talking about a function to essentially reverse “click to block”.

Another example:

I want to have a firewall profile that only allows steam to download games.

Currently I have to create a new firewall profile, switch to ask to connect and manually block everything except steam, and block any new apps that might also get added later.

With “Click to Allow” I could make a new firewall profile, set it to click to allow and only “click” steam, this way every other app is automatically blocked, regardless of changes to the firewall list.

You can already do that today with “Ask to Connect” mode. Every app is automatically blocked until allowed in this mode.

Then when the one app you want to connect is launched, you simply click on “Allow” when asked. This will leave all other apps blocked, except for the one that you just explicitly allowed, including any new apps that might be added later.

No, that’s not how it works.

In that case with my Steam profile example it would allow all apps that were at one point approved by ask to connect to communicate on the network.

I specifically want to pick the apps which communicate in this profile from the apps already in my firewall.

In case you are still on Glasswire Version 1, in v2 there is now an option to create different firewall presets.

Well that’s even easier. You just go down the list of apps already in the firewall tab and click the icons to allowed/blocked as you wish. They each toggle from grey (allowed) to orange (blocked) with each click.

And I am running the latest release of Pro.

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That’s exactly why I made the thread: Going down the list of apps is tedious and when a new app gets approved in any profile it has to be manually blocked in all others.

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That aspect could be easily resolved if the Glasswire profiles did not “share” the same list of apps, but each profile had an independent application list. I would have expected the profiles to work like that, but apparently not yet in this case.

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