Suggestion for Main Windows with high contrast or Dark Theme Options

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Is possble create a option for Glasswire Main Windows work with High Contrast of Windos? For example a choose for use a dark Windows with Main Windows of Glasswire in Black colour for background and text in white colour for exxample?

I have a eyes problem and need to invert colours of Glasswire with Windows 10 Lupe, if Glasswire have this options for change colours or just change colours if high contrast of Windows are turn on is great for me and for others people with problems also.

thank you


This is a popular request and we hope we can add dark themes in the future for our Windows software. The SDK we use currently makes this difficult, otherwise we would have done it a long time ago. We also want a dark theme for GlassWire ourselves!

This also is not a problem if people know use of tool of Windows 10, also 7 and 8/8.1 have this but in Windows 10 after Build 1709 Fall creatores update work more good and also work in fullscreen of games with zoom in and out also, see this printscreen with Glasswire and colours inversion:

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Are we able to use high contrast colors and look for special programs or must the entire Windows theme be high contrast?

High contrast not work with third party software if they not support high contrast.

you can turn on High contrast, use SHIFT + ALT + PrintScreen key and press enter to turn High contrast.

After this u open Windows of Glasswire but the main windows are not used High contrast. For invert colours of this windows and this go for high contrast press first Windows Key and key + at same time for turn on Lup of Windows.
After this press CTRL + ALT +F for have this in fullscreen of desktop and after for invert colours use: CTRL + ALT + i for colour inversion.

After this u can see windows of Glasswire in high contrast. For turn off inversion of colours use same combinations key for off.

Certain software for you read text used this method you need turn off High contrat, press again SHIFT + ALT + PrintScreen and after enter for off high contrast.

After this in others software you can read text and see all of elements in Windows of software.

Understand me? I can post a link for Microsoft site with all keys combinations if you want.

High contrast and Glasswire windows with inversion of colours work well are you can see all elements of windows glasswire.

BUT, for example, with Trojan Remover Windows scan you if are with high contrast turn on and use inversion colours you not can read text. For fix this problem just turn OFF high contrast and use only inversions colours.

This work with all software third party. :slight_smile:

P.S. This is in Windows access facilities. It’s called a magnifying glass. You can see all options if turn On this feature of Windows.

Remeber: Certain software need turn off High contrast, use only colour inversion, others software, Glasswire for example, can use High contrast and colour inversion at same time.