Suggestion: info tooltips for every preference option in settings

come on guys, it’s basic UX,
even it I can guess via deduction, it’s not enough

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Thanks for your feedback. Our software is localized in over 10 languages so we try to keep text in the software at a reasonable level.

What parts of our settings were you having trouble understanding that you needed a tooltip? We will try to make it more clear in the future.

tool tips for things like “Begin idle mode” which i have no clue what it means. I admit i have not read the docs.


Yes, I agree that terminology is confusing! We will work to improve it in the future and consider tooltips.

For anyone else reading this thread in the future we have a “Get Started” guide here and our main help guide is here

Also, FYI, GlassWire detects if your PC is idle and shows that on the graph as a shaded area. It can be useful or interesting because if ou see major network activity when your keyboard/mouse are not in use perhaps it could mean there is a technical issue or some kind of malicious activity.

If you don’t like this “idle” graph you can switch it off in settings, or change it to longer/shorter.

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