Suggestions - Custom Skins

It would be awesome to be able to create custom skin colors. I’d really like a basic green/blue like most cacti/rrdtool graphs. Also the ability to change the background color would be nice too.


Cool idea. Thanks for the feedback!

I second this request, but also I want a colour for where upload and download coincide. My own preferred scheme (with no pastel colour except for background) is actually a clear unapologetic red for download, a clear but reasonably deep green for upload and yellow for the overlaps between the two - but being able to set the colours myself would be the safest and simplest bet, for nobody need then go pestering the nice GlassWire people for further colour schemes! :slight_smile:


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I like the simplicity of the default colors. However I can see that other users would like to tweak their own colors, or be able to download color themes like “Halloween” or “St Patricks Day” or “Heavy Metal”.

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I like the colours available but as I am getting older I find it is harder to resolve the lower contrast in backgrounds like these. A combination with more contrast would be appreciated. PhilipGoddard’s ideas sound good to me.

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