Suggestions for 1.1.47b

Glad to finally get GW running on my machine after a year of trying the new versions as they were released.

Two suggestions for now:

  1. allow configuration of the vertical scale on the graph. It is difficult to establish a frame of reference when referring to the graph since the vertical scale changes automatically. Sometimes it only says “max” which doesn’t help at all.

  2. in the network view, allow renaming of devices when they are identified and have the renamed items stick on restart. Just looking at the list it is difficult to know what’s what when I just see a MAC address, an IP address, and “unknown”. We have to study that list and look up devices’ MAC addresses or the IP address map somewhere else to tell what the devices are every time!

Thank you…

  1. The next major update should have this I think.

  2. We’re adding this and it’s called “labels”. Thanks!

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Can’t ask for more! Thank you.