Suggestions for further developments

Hello my name is dino, i`m a new pro user of your app and I have a few suggestions for you:

  1. Why is the firewall dependant on windows firewall? For instance, I disabled windows firewall as it seems wery weak and has no real protection for users and is very messy. I suggest to make the app not dependant on the windows firewall but independent and with the ability to act like a firewall although I understand that your app is not a firewall but if it has this feature I suggest make it perfect. :smiley:

  2. For how many days are the logs kept? I want to keep them forever. I have this option?

  3. Can you introduce a whois feature in your future developments? I want to know who registered a domain, a website address or who`s behind an ip. :smile: This would be an interesting feature to be available in GlassWire,

In the end, I want to congratulate the team for this nice little application, it behaves well so far and I hope I won`t have problems with it.

PS: why is it still in beta stage?

Thanks, dino.

Thanks for upgrading to Pro!

  1. We chose to use Windows Firewall because it’s light, and because we feel it’s kind of scary to let a third party application disable Windows Firewall and replace it with some unknown thing.

  2. Elite has the option to keep unlimited logs.

  3. Yes, we are working on something like this. We want this for ourselves also.

Thanks for your feedback! We plan to leave beta in the next update.

Thanks a lot Servo for your reply. I appreciate your answers. Maybe you can take into consideration making this software not dependant to windows firewall. This is just a proposal fur its future developments. .:sunglasses: