Suggestions for GlassWire on Android


I’d love to have an option to switch on and off the Glasswire. When I have “audited” all my apps (say, no abnormally after 1 week using a new app), I’d like to switch off Glasswire to save resources. Otherwise, I’d have to freeze/uninstall it to stop it from running in the background.



Others have requested this. FYI though, if GlassWire’s notification is not running then it cannot see your data and warn you of anything at all. But I think you understand this if I am reading your post correctly.

We would call this “live data only” mode or something where users will only see data if GlassWire is running, then when they close it our app will stop completely and not run in the background.


Would it be possible to monitor my mobile Glasswire data from my Glasswire app on windows 10 in the future? I would like to be able to keep an eye on possible malicious software traffic being sent and recieved on my Android from my PC. That way I can see exactly what addresses are connecting and what apps are asking when. I love the android app… but it can be difficult pen pointing usage info.

TL:DR Can you guys make the android version more robust/ more like the PC version and or allow users to monitor phone/tablet data remotely?




We’d like to link everything together someday. However with Android currently we say “our app uses no data on its own” and that’s 100% true, so if we make that change then we can’t say that anymore since the app will be sucking down data from your desktop to show your desktop network activity.

So, we’d have to consider how people would feel about that.

Perhaps we’d just make a separate kind of “console” app.