Suggestions for GlassWire on Android

I’m highly impressed for what it already does, but have some suggestions to make it a real alternative to category staples like 3G Watchdog:

  • Widgets: at least daily and plan usage, for example.
  • In the graphics and usage, current and past plan timeframes should be available on top of hour, day, month, etc.
  • Permanent information in notification area should be made optional: 3G Watchdog does not need it.

A warning about excluding the app from Doze in Nougat would be handy… it even closes the current permanent notification…

More ideas?

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Thank you for your suggestions.

We are investigating widgets, but we want to keep the app light on battery usage also. It’s difficult to do both.

A lot of users request removing the permanent notification. We will see how it can be done.

What’s Doze?

Doze is deep sleep mode for apps introduced in Android L and refined in N. It can interfere in apps that run in background, but exceptions can be configured.


Have you noticed any “doze” problems with GlassWire so far?

Similar as with other apps that create a permanent notification: notification can disappear after a while when screen is off, and does not reappear until app is brought foreground again. Not sure if measuring is affected while notification is off. Have to exclude app from doze to keep notification in place.


I wonder if you would consider reducing the height of the graph sections, to allow more to be seen of individual app usage, or a separate page just for that alone. As is, it’s hard to scroll only three high showing. You could have a switch in the header to go from graph to list view perhaps?:grinning:

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We will consider this in our next major update. Thanks for your feedback!

dark/black theme please - including for notification.

@tgo Coming soon! In fact I’m using it right now. :wink:

That’s good to know, does that include notification as well ?

No. We prefer to use system defaults for things like notifications, otherwise it’s very difficult to make the user interface look good across Android OS versions.

Shame, its only another setting option ‘use dark notification’ then everyone can have whatever one they prefer.


I think if you enable Android’s night mode, your notifications will be black. I could be mistaken though. We will look at making custom notifications in the future if it’s possible to safely to so with different OS versions. Thanks for your feedback.

Thanks for that - FYI there is no android night mode yet.

Seems to be some hidden thing, but it looks like it’s not related to changing the UI dark. I was mistaken. Sorry about that.

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The ability to manipulate a graph would be great. For example, using pinch to zoom in or out to a specific area of a graph.

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We’d also like to add this if we can do so without hurting battery life. Thanks for your feedback and support!

can please add the firewall option for mobile version too…>


We’re working on it. Thanks for using GlassWire for Android.

Glasswire Elite 2.0.115 on Win7 & 10 systems.
Glasswire for Android 1.2.303r on Moto G3, Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 and Insignia NS-P10A8100.

Unlike the Windows Firewall used by Glasswire, Android doesn’t have a firewall for GW to use.

Assuming you’re building a firewall for GW4A, I request:

• Make two apps. Keep GW Monitor as is only and make a GW Monitor/Firewall.

• If a one-off app, make available the option to 100% disable the firewall and fully test there is no conflict with the paid version of AdGuard for Android. The latter’s WiFi and/or Cellular app blocking, user built domain trust-or-block rules (global or targeted apps) and DNS configurations make for an extremely powerful application firewall without borking all the Android/Google networking dependencies, which are legion as you well know.

Most all network monitoring apps are either worthless or exceedingly complex, Glasswire is the happy medium in this genre. Even though free (Thanks!), I would hate to abandon it should your firewall break, or be incompatible with, AdGuard.