Support for Silent install

Is there a Plan to support silent install of Glasswire, or is it already implemented, if so whats the switch ?
Since some people use Software like chocolatey to install things, it would be great if you coud support silent installs. The current chocolatey package uses the switch “/quiet” which doesn’t seem to work, at least on the latest version (1.0.3).

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Do you think a silent install could cause privacy problems for some people in some situations? For example if someone silently installed GlassWire without the user’s permission? What other software has a /quiet option that works with Chocolately? Are there any security/antivirus type applications that have that /quiet mode?

Thanks for your feedback. I’ll check out Chocolately.

Most of the Software on chocolatey supports quiet installs that require no user interaction. Since its basicly a package manager for windows. I am so sure about the privacy problems, I get your point, but I think if someone is able and willing to install software on someones computer, quiet mode is the last thing they worry about.
You can see all the packages with Tag Security here:
As you can see there even some antivirus software packages supporting a silent install. Indeed some do not offer Silent installs, but there could be numerous reasons why.

That’s pretty cool. I will ask that we add this functionality so I can add GlassWire to their website.

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I would appreciate a silent install option as well. Usually you can’t remotely install stuff if you do not have permissions but if you are a network admin you will be doing this all the time. So if there is every a case for using Glasswire in corporate scenarios then you will need a feature like this. Digging this software;-)


I think we’ll be able to add this /silent option in the next release. Thanks for letting us know about this ability.

Thanks for the awesome support ! I will notify the maintainer of the package once you added the /silent option so he can adapt the install script accordingly.

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HI Ken

That is awesome news.Thanks for the update:-)


I am looking for this same feature and would like to see how the update is coming. I am going to try a custom answer file next, but I don’t know what switches your .exe supports. Should be fun.

A feature like this on a software like this would help save sysadmins quite a bit of time. The software can’t be run silently, so I don’t see much risk.

Another feature that would be nice to see is the ability to restrict the end user from tampering with the software and having it report to a dashboard. Perhaps you could label it an enterprise package and use a KMS-like licensing scheme? The ability to connect to one of the machines on the network and view the traffic in real time would be amazing.

You have a very handy and well designed tool. I’ve been looking for a tool like this that operates on an enterprise level. Until I find that tool, getting your software installed on all of my network machines is my best bet.

We have implemented a silent install option with GlassWire. To run the installer in silent mode you should use the /S command line argument. You can also use these other arguments:

  1. /instdir to specify the installation folder (the path should be the last argument and without quotes);
  2. /NOQUICKLAUNCH - disables our quicklaunch shortcut;
  3. /NODESKTOP - disables our desktop shortcut;
  4. /NORUNONSTARTUP - disables our run on startup.Example:
    GlassWireSetup.exe /S /NOQUICKLAUNCH /NODESKTOP /instdir=c:\Program Files (x86)\GlassWire\Test\Silent installation does not run GW after installation.

We hope this helps! Thanks for your feedback on this.


Thanks for the quick response! I haven’t had a chance to sit down and look over the information, but this looks very good!

Do you have an update for the other feature requests?

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This is still triggering user account control, so its not silent…

Else i have a installer running with this but its prompting the users

@webtechplus Are you running as a user, or as admin?

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