Suprised to NOW have to paid for my #data history

My glassware application on my windows computer updated on its own. Now come to find out that I have to pay for the history of my data usage for the past month, free only has daily usage.

I had NO warning that this was going to happen.

Hi @justinstrack,

GlassWire 3.2 does have some restrictions to data usage history for free users. However, we have made some changes to allow free users to access some of the major security features. Below are the features which were not available for free users previously but are now available.

GlassWire Score - Gain better insight into the safety of the applications running on a PC. See what percentage of users have used a specific app in the past week and be alerted if specious.

Anomaly Detection - Detect and point out anomalies in the network traffic which may look suspicious. See if the average traffic in and traffic out consumption of the applications running is similar to most, and be alerted when it is different.

Firewall - Click to block all network connectivity for up to 2 applications.

Things - See a list of devices on the local network and get alerted when devices join or leave with this network device list feature.

With the support of GlassWire purchasers we are able to invest into increasing the quality of GlassWire and build new sought after features.


Hi Katie_GlassWire
Regards to the Firewall on the latest free version. (Click to block all network connectivity for up to 2 applications.) From my testing you have to turn on the firewall and can then block an app, but once you reboot the firewall is turned off again. Fun and games…If others are hoping an app they had blocked with the firewall, will be a bit surprised to find it is not blocked anymore.

Hi @GlassWare,

Thanks your message. This is a bug and will be fixed in the next release.


Some restrictions on data usage history? It’s totally restricted in my view, only able to view 1 day of usageage.

I’ll look else where for a new program.