suspicious host connection within the browser

Every time I open reddit and open any type of community I see Russian “an. Yandex. ru” connecting as a host to my browser, I get it they might host some content there, it’s weird because when I just scroll the feed and don’t open communities it doesn’t connect, also tried opening communities with different reddit account and it doesn’t connect either, I’ve read many reports of Yandex employees selling data and In general people saying to stay away from Yandex, I’m a not well versed in netsecurity just interested If somebody can explain

Yandex is the largest search engine in Russia and has many other services, but I don’t believe they are associated with Reddit.

Do you have any toolbar extensions with your browser?

Here is what our host search feature shows.

To access the GlassWire host search tool click the three dot circle after the host you want to check, or just type the domain/host into your browser manually. Host info