Suspicious Host Connections every minute

its sometimes or something like ecb5fa19c478.home
but “home” is always responsible

Started 2 days ago, what can I do about it?

the beginning of this problem is
13 sept 21:40,
13 sept 21:39 I’ve used the software called Nvidia DDU Uninstaller which removes anything related to nvidia gpu drivers. It has an option to “disable auto installing of microsoft drivers” which is helpful if you want to stop windows auto installing and old version of GPU drivers after the restart… I’ve checked this before uninstalling my gpu drivers but after the restart, windows auto installed its own driver anyways. But this is all the information I got about this issue,

this is driving me nuts, please respond :frowning:

Are you using internet connection sharing, or do any other computers on your network use ICS (Mobile, Laptop, Phone, etc) ?

You’ll find a lot more information in the Usage > Traffic and Apps screens.

Post up a screen shot for Traffic in “Host Process of Windows Services” and “Device Association Framework Provider Host.”

FYI: You can block “Device Association Framework Provider Host” as I have for years without issue. If your network really needs it, you’ll find out soon enough.

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SEPT 25 2022