System File Changed "hosts"

Since 2022-05-12 at 22:17 I have been getting “System File Changed” messages ever hour about my “hosts” file.

This corresponds in time to an update to Bitdefender from “” to “”

Process Monitor confirms that Bitdefender does indeed write to “hosts” at the time reported by GlassWire.

Does anybody else have this poroblem?



I have the same problem and also use BitDefender AV+.
BD could indeed be the cause of this problem.
My Hosts file recently had only comments in it and I noticed yesterday that it is now empty.

This problem has been raised on the BitDefender forum.
The software is said to cause Hosts file overwrites.

You can exclude the HOSTS file in BitDefender. This should stop BD from changing or blanking the file.

Use DuckDuckGo to search “excluding a file or folder in BitDefender,” it should be in the top 3 hits (be sure it is a bitdefender dot com site).

You can exclude the hosts file analysis by BitDefender.
See post #2 of the attached thread (sorry it’s in French, you can use DeepL Translate: The world's most accurate translator for translation)