"System" Huge Data Usage

Hi all, long time user, but first time I have a problem tracking something going on.

I left my PC on all day today, came home and for some reason, things felt a bit slow. I checked on Glasswire and I have seen that “System” has uploaded and downloaded around 12 to 15gb each way and was permanently pinned in the usage monitor.

Can anybody shed some light on what is going on and how to debug this? I only have 1 other windows machine on my network (i suspected update sharing) but that machine does not show any data usage, especially not in the 15gb range.

See image.

Cheers, Aaron


It’s mostly local traffic I think? Do you have an IP cam, local backup system, or something like that? It’s connecting to another device on your network.

What else is there that streams, or backs up data?

Dropbox can upload/download locally if you have two computers that sync with each other.

Thanks Ken,

I managed to suss the source late last night, but no idea the cause. It was Docker. I use docker in my day to day development flow. I only have two containers in the docker at the time and neither of them were communicating to each other, so no idea what docker was trying to do.

Thanks for your time and great product!

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Weird! I’m glad it’s working now.

I did see some results about docker when I was Googling around after your report. I guess I should have posted the link I found but I was afraid it was incorrect information. Good to know for the future!