Telegram not showing in GlassWire


the Telegram Messenger is not visible as application using internet, yet it is connected and communicating correctly. I am concerned that there may be more applications not shown and stealing privacy data like lots of programs embedded in Windows 10.

Are there apps that use internet and GlassWire does not show them? Telegram is such an app.


When GlassWire is installed we ask the user to reboot to pick up all network activity, but we don’t force the reboot. Please reboot and confirm you still see this problem.

We use Telegram ourselves and I see it in the list. Telegram is a popular application.

Thanks for reporting this problem.

OK it is working after restart. But I did not receive any reboot recommendation upon installation. Jan

The reboot recommendation should appear in the final installation window, but perhaps we should make it more obvious. Sorry for the problem.

“MediaHuman youtube downloader” network traffic not showing in glasswire

@ravi You rebooted your PC? Please check again and be sure.