Temporarily disable ARP scanning (or better, SSID whitelist)

As far as I can tell, the “What’s on your network” feature uses pretty continuous ARP scanning to work.

I sometimes join networks on my laptop where the admins would not be very happy about this - to the extent that I’ve deactivated my paid Glasswire to stop this “feature”.

Can I please have the option to:

  • Disable ARP scanning

  • Limit ARP scanning speed/amount

  • Disable ARP scanning on certain networks/SSIDs

Also, for fun, put a computer with GlassWire Elite on a switch with no DHCP server. I’m fairly sure Glasswire tried to scan 169.*.*.*, which was not excellent.

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We agree with you 100%.

Our latest software update allows you to disable the scanning and this info was included in our release notes.

To disable Network auto-scanning completely create a text file called glasswire.conf and place it in the c:\programdata\glasswire\service folder. Add this string to the text file: enable_network_scan = false then restart the GlassWire service. We plan to add a setting for this in the future.

I will mention your other suggestions to the team, thanks!

I’m assuming this needs Admin?

(the file already existed for me)