Text on Mini Viewer is barely visible for me

Hi and thanks for a wonderful software :star_struck:

Maybe its me getting OLD, but the text on the Mini Viewer is barely visible for me.
Any way to change the light gray colour or textsize ?

As others has mention i would love to see a Dark theme for Glasswire, and more custom skins/layouts for text and background colours.

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Thanks for your feedback. We will try to improve the usability in 2.0 (which will be a free upgrade for you in December).

Our Android app has a dark theme and we hope to do the same for Windows someday. Unfortunately it’s a bit more complicated for Windows due to the technology we use for our user interface. Thanks again for your feedback and kind words.

Hello, I loved the app and bought it in just 10 minutes after I’ve used. But same problem is affecting me, too. Version 2 is out, any ETA when will be able to set font size or background color? Thanks!

@msc1 and others, can you give some examples of other applications you use that change font/size and background colors a lot? It will help us understand how to implement this better.


Here you can see a similar software’s interface, it’s fully customizable. Background, foreground, graph type etc.



The font size can be made larger/smaller?

Yes, you can download NetWorx V5.5 (V6 is not free) but that’s not the only issue though. All the colour palettes for mini graph are pretty bad UI/UX choices.

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Hello, I haven’t received a reply. As an IT professional myself I don’t know any API that limits a developer to pastel colours and tiny fonts. If i squint real hard (I’ve 20/20 vision) I can make out few numbers but it could either be 10 kb/s or 10mb/s… There’s no scale of the graph either, it’s computer science 101; every graph needs an unit scale to show what it is representing. This and tiny font issue must be fixed ASAP. Please look at the font next to 1 penny, it’s absurdly small from viewing distance :rage:


Thanks for your feedback. We are actively working on readability improvements everywhere.

Is your mini viewer set to transparent? Click the settings icon when mousing over the mini viewer to see. That could explain why it’s difficult to see.

We show the incoming/outgoing bandwidth on the graph so that’s better than a scale in a way. Please note my mini viewer is set to be transparent, so that’s why it looks even more difficult to see than yours.


The mini viewer is supposed to be something you can glance at to get a general idea of bandwidth usage, and click to access the main graph so that’s why it’s a bit sparse. I see your points and we will continue to gather feedback and improve the mini viewer.