Text on Mini Viewer is barely visible for me


Hi and thanks for a wonderful software :star_struck:

Maybe its me getting OLD, but the text on the Mini Viewer is barely visible for me.
Any way to change the light gray colour or textsize ?

As others has mention i would love to see a Dark theme for Glasswire, and more custom skins/layouts for text and background colours.


Thanks for your feedback. We will try to improve the usability in 2.0 (which will be a free upgrade for you in December).

Our Android app has a dark theme and we hope to do the same for Windows someday. Unfortunately it’s a bit more complicated for Windows due to the technology we use for our user interface. Thanks again for your feedback and kind words.


Hello, I loved the app and bought it in just 10 minutes after I’ve used. But same problem is affecting me, too. Version 2 is out, any ETA when will be able to set font size or background color? Thanks!


@msc1 and others, can you give some examples of other applications you use that change font/size and background colors a lot? It will help us understand how to implement this better.



Here you can see a similar software’s interface, it’s fully customizable. Background, foreground, graph type etc.




The font size can be made larger/smaller?


Yes, you can download NetWorx V5.5 (V6 is not free) but that’s not the only issue though. All the colour palettes for mini graph are pretty bad UI/UX choices.

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