Thanks to Glasswire I Am Now Aware

I was poking around in my Glasswire data usage records today and I saw where my computer had uploaded nearly 55 MB of data yesterday to a site called fullstory, unbeknownst to me, while I was browsing the Internet. Upon looking into this site, I discovered some fascinating things I never knew. Things like the fact that keylogger-like records of browsing sessions are routinely collected and sold not only by this site but by many other similar websites. Information collected is mouse clicks, scrolling, keypresses, full web pages and may even potentially include personally identifiable information (although I read where these sites are supposed to agree not to retain and store sensitive data). I had not seen this site appear in my Glasswire history prior to yesterday. Interesting discovery. Now I know. Thank you, Glasswire.



Thanks for the kind words and feedback! I’m glad we could help.

Sounds like a very creepy tracker…


Thank you for alerting us. Now I’m interested in seeing if I had my private information stolen. With all the hacks lately it makes me wonder what’s wrong with people who think their idea of a job is to steal what we have worked for. I’ve been trying to fight off this problem for years and there doesn’t seem to be any other solution but permanently disconnect from the internet. I have one computer that stays offline permanently and that’s the one with all of my private information. However, I still worry about data I have in the cloud.


Don’t forget to run occasional security updates, even when the device is often offline! Also don’t forget to update your browsers or any other software.