The current version of Glasswire Does not block NT Kernel & Systems

When I purchased this software, the ASK TO CONNECT option was buggy, and I got refunded because it wouldn’t work properly.

Then, a Staff member sent a different version of the software that worked fine! So I re bought the software!

Now I just formated my PC and installed the newest version of the software, and it does not allow me to block NT Kernel & System.

I need it to block NT Kernel & System. If I can not block NT Kernel & System with this version, I need access to the latest working version that allows me to block it.

If I mess up system stability and such, I will work around it. But I definitely need to be able to block NT Kernel & System.

Where can I obtain the latest version that includes this feature please?

Thank you!

There is a “block all” mode which blocks the NT Kernel.

Thank you for the reply, how do I activate this mode, I want to allow ONLY what is in the list, in the current version it doesn’t allow me to block it


Go to the GlassWire Firewall tab, then under where it says Firewall click the pull-down menu and choose “block all”.

But then how do I unblock apps then?

Can I have the old version where “ask to connect” actually blocked the Kernel ?

With out this feature working properly I have no reason to renew my subscription


May I ask why you want to disable it? It will help our understanding for feedback. Your computer won’t work properly when it’s blocked so it’s probably unusable. “Block All” mode does block it, but in this case the user is expecting his PC to become unusable due to blocking of everything.

We found people would block the kernel and find their connection lost completely and not understand why.

Hello Ken, I put in a suggestion a while back about turning off the ethernet port when using the {Block All] it seems like it would be better because you would not be blocking or I should say tampering with the Kernal system and your computer can still be used without any problems. Turn it on when you need to use the internet. :smiley:



I will share with our team, thank you. I am not sure if we can do this with the APIs we use.

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