The numbers just don't add up

Using GlassWire 2.2.241

I setup my data plan as follows:


Today (21st of the month) I have used a total of 10.5GB for that period:


That is about 35%. But I get a popup to say I have used 75%


The numbers just don’t add up


Thanks for your report.

Is it possible it’s due to your local traffic settings? I see for your plan you chose not to exclude local traffic, but are you excluding it in the main usage window?

Also, you’re using an older version of our software. I recommend updating if possible.

The local traffic for the same period is 7.6MB (5.2 in, 2.4 out) so that’s not it.

I actually did that just after I posted this. The result is the same. ;-(


I will discuss with our team and see if they have some other ideas.

My guess is that recently we had an update with a database conversion (it uses a new format to use less resources) and somehow that conversion caused this data counting issue due to a corruption.

Our QA now has an open ticket to investigate and try to recreate this issue. Thanks for your post.

I will let you know what we find.