The same apps are considered 'new' apps - constant notifications

Longtime user of Glasswire, it’s incredible…BUT:

I keep getting notifications from the same app but the .exe has obviously changed so Glasswire thinks it’s a different app every time - this happens almost daily with some programs, especially Google Drive.

I have ‘Ask to Connect’ turned on and I get notifications from a select group of regularly-updated apps very very regularly and it’s infuriating to have to keep clicking ‘allow’ - especially if I miss it and it gets blocked - there have been lots of times I expected something to be synced with Google Drive and then it turns out it wasn’t because I missed a notification to allow the new Google Drive exe so it was blocked.

I don’t want to have ‘Click to Block’ on because I want to confirm all apps connecting to the internet but I do want to be able to choose existing apps and give them permission to connect as it’s the same program.

Please let me know!

This typically happens because a folder name within the path has changed. There has been talk for years about adding certificate or wildcard rules to help with this. That functionality hasn’t arrived yet.

What makes this worse is the old orphaned entries mount up over time and make firewall operations slower. There has been a little improvement recently; if you delete an old entry in Glasswire the corresponding firewall rule will be delete. This is a manual housekeeping task though.