The Ultimate Secret Data Hog – Cryptomining Malware


If you’re interested in different types of Malware you might enjoy our latest Blog post linked above!

The Ultimate Secret Data Hog – Cryptomining Malware
Malware development, like many non-malicious types of software, is subject to certain trends that are impacted by a variety of external factors outside the tech industry. Continue reading…


For those who favor ad blocking extensions there is the NoCoin filter list for an effective line of defense within browsing technology. It’s well maintained and supported by a cadre of dedicated individuals.

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Very useful and interesting, thanks for posting.


Firefox 67 blocks miners which is great. Pair it with uBlock Origin for a complete suite or protection from ads and other browser mishaps.

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Nice! Yes, I think Firefox is the best browser personally and I’m glad there is still a browser out there that’s not owned by an advertising company.

It’s scary to think we could end up with a monopoly in browsers… :frowning: I hope it never happens and one way we can all prevent this is by using Firefox and keeping Firefox usage numbers healthy.

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I read about that but as of a few days ago, details on their blacklist source hasn’t been published. I’m going to continue to run the NoCoin filter in conjunction with it.

I’m still running FF 66.0.5. I never run a xx.0.0 version of Firefox considering there is, with rare exception, always a xx.0.1 release within days, sometimes hours.


If you go to Firefox settings, then privacy, then custom you can see the option to block cryptominers. For anyone who is interested in learning how to block cryptominers in firefox… :+1: