Things adds "FriendlyNameHere" to end of device name

I’ve just upgraded from 2.2.304 to 2.3.321.

For my router, Things insists on adding the word “FriendlyNameHere” to the end of its name. When I go into ‘Device Options’ for the device, that word cannot be seen in the ‘Name’ field. If I rename the device to something else, it still keeps the word “FriendlyNameHere” at the end when it’s shown in the list.


Wow, that’s really strange. I will report this to our team. Are you sure the device itself doesn’t somehow call itself that?


We investigated and found some devices really do have funny names like that. You can probably check it with another similar app, and it will have the same “friendlynamehere” designation.

We have seen this with other devices, usually made in China.

Very funny.

Some of my Apple devices have the issue too, whereby the name given to the device, like Username’sIphone shows at the end of the name.

This is very simple. The name that GlassWire detects is being forcefully added to what I’ve put in the ‘Name’ field. The fix is very simple: stop making GlassWire do that. Just use the name I’ve typed in the Name field.

Instead of trying to come up with ridiculous ways to explain it away, why not fix your software instead?


From what I understand it’s not a bug, the name is actually added by the creator of the hardware. In most situations the information is useful to the user, for example people may want to know that “username’sphone” has joined their network. Hiding this would remove potentially useful information.


I’ll just have to live with “My Name Given To The Device + The Detected Name” showing in the Things list, as the possibility of changing or improving this in any way seems to blow your mind.

Never mind. As you were.

Why not give the user a global choice to use given device names only, and in doing so allow detected names to be totally disabled in the display? That doesn’t sound too hard to do…

If we continue to get requests we will consider making that as an option somewhere, thanks for your feedback.

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+1 for this. I like things to look tidy, not have random jibberish following as they sometimes can.


You see this same “friendnamehere” text on your device name, or what does it show on your device name exactly? Could you post a screenshot of what you are seeing? Thanks for your feedback.

Device user set name, or something like amazon-e1b2c3d4 etc.

So you would not want to know this is an Amazon device? Or does it show Amazon somewhere else in the device description?

@Ken_GlassWire You haven’t been looking at the screenshots carefully, and you haven’t been thinking about the cause of the problem.

Try to look carefully at the above screenshot. There are 6 things you should look out for. There is some red text you should look at, a red arrow, and a red box. There is also some green text you should look at, a green arrow, and a green box.

The summary is that the old Things allowed you to see the detected device manufacturer, and allowed you to set a custom device name. The new Things shows both the detected manufacturer and the detected device name, but it doesn’t allow you to set/override the device name. It just combines what you type with what GlassWire detected.

It’s frustrating that you can’t understand this and that now you’re going in circles with others as well. What is still not clear to you?

In the image below where it says amazon-(redacted). The bottom right is just pasted into this from the Things view.


Thanks for showing this example. So you don’t want to show this info anywhere and it you don’t believe GlassWire should share this info at all, or you just want to delete it, or what should happen with this information about the device?

In the device options screen it’s fine in my opinion. But on the things overview it’s a bit too much information. It’s also definitely not a mobile phone! :laughing: