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About every 3 weeks or so, under “Things,” and using the “Device IP,” I see an entry under “Info” as “PRIVATE.” The IP address is always shown as if it is just another piece of hardware connected to my network; with only the last two-digits of the IP address different, just as they are with other connected devices.
I am unable to learn more. AND this “PRIVATE” connection will eventually disappear during the day and I’ll not see it again for another 3+ weeks.
I have not seen any other postings about such an anomaly. Some ideas or suggestions or advice would be appreciated.


Could you email us a screenshot of this one row that says “private”? I realize it takes awhile to show but our team asked for the details to help us understand what you’re seeing. It sounds unusual.

You can send it to me privately through the forum also if you prefer.

Mr. Ken: thank you for the reply. I’m not sure how to reply to you “privately through the forum,” so I will just note that I will keep an eye on the matter and take a screenshot next time it arises. I will also add that yesterday, a “Device” appeared which was described as “Intel Corporate.” It is another descriptor I have never seen. Is it possible my software has been corrupted somehow and I should uninstall / reinstall? I await your input. Thanks, again.

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Intel Corporate could be a number of different types of hardware. So, it may be real. Send me a screenshot next time you have a question or email us the screenshot and we’ll investigate and give some tips. Thanks.

To send a private message (PM), click on a user name. The popup user card will have a Message button which you click to send a PM.

. Here’s what I see when I click on “Ken_GlassWire”: