Things Sections make better icons

Hi All,
I think I am going to be a long term user of Glasswire.
So, I would like to put my 2 penneth worth in here!

I have a request here & I think it could be a simple one to fulfil.
I love the Icons in the things section.
Most of us know we can recognise things quicker if they are a shape or are colour coded rather than plain text.
As you can see from my attachment things icons show up as
1 Router icons
2. Mobile phone icons

I would like printers to show as printer icon

  1. CCTV cameras to show as Camera Icons
  2. PlayStation to show as PlayStation Icon
  3. Xbox to show as Xbox Icon.

And so on and so on…….
Thank you for reading my request

Suggest new features and other improvements for GlassWire.

Thanks for your feedback on improving device icons.

Please note you can click on devices, and change their icons to different options we have if you want. But perhaps this will not solve the issue for you since we don’t have the specific icon you need yet?

Thank you Ken, I did not realise that option was there.
My request has been filled .
I am very pleased with that.
Thank you very much for point that out…

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your information is veryinterested and your good question. but i am not idea

Hi guys,
I’ve been a long time user, but I had never looked into the community somehow.
I just came here to add a suggestion on the Icons for Things and noticed this thread.

If possible, I think it’d be great to have an expanded section for IoT devices in our ever more and more connected homes.
The ability to sort by type of device is already there, so a more granular filtering of device types would be awesome (i.e: wifi bulb, light switch, thermostat, presence sensor, smoke detector, electricity plug, robot vacuum…). And how about a 3DPrinter one? is that going too far :smiley: ?
I also think this would be an easy one to implement and could make the things section even more useful that already is.

Thank you for your great work!

Thanks, we will work on adding more items in the future!

I would agree with nihkel.
I have Thermostats and plugs and much much more in my house that come up on the things
List. But no proper icon to represent them.
So YES please more icons or Ways to add/import/or make your own, would be great.
Thank you for reading my post. :slightly_smiling_face:

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