Things Tab DNS Name Question

Every now and then, usually following network tweaks and the restart of my system, or if I connect to a network different from my own, one of the hosts that appears on the Things Tab reverts to the DNS name of a host that connected to my network using the same IP address only once or twice, months ago. This seems to happen for no rhyme or reason that I am yet aware of. Does the host-identifying algorithm for the Things Tab obtain the hostname from a connecting host fresh each time it connects to a network? Or does Glasswire default to reading a cache of IP address/DNS name mappings from somewhere in the history of my GW usage? The incorrect DNS names on the Things Tab usually seem to change to the correct names after the host has been connected for some amount to time. It just seems a bit odd.


If you flush your DNS does it go away?

Meanwhile our update that’s coming soon has rewritten how this feature works. If you still experience the issue with the update please follow up here or email us the details.

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I had a chance to test this a few minutes ago. Flushing the DNS cache had no immediate effect on the incorrect DNS name of the connected host. Sometimes it seems the incorrect name will change to the correct one after some time, with or without DNS flushing.

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