Things Tab Renaming

The Things icon displays the number of active devices. This is kind of mangled now that it has been renamed Network Scanner and the text position moved.

Seems, the Settings screen didn’t get the memo about the rename.


Yes i was thinking about this as well!
Or just call it Network Scanner in the settings list?

Also still waiting. When you delete an app from GW firewall list, it still remains in the Windows firewall list. I really feel that deleted entries should not remain anywhere. I note that this has been discussed in the past forum topics.

Thank you GW team for the work on Version 3.3.517

Hi @ittroll,

Thank you for the feedback, we have already fixed this for the next release which we will launch very soon!



Great. I hope the device count on the icon is staying. It is strangely missing on the promotional screenshots.

Hi @ittroll It as been removed temporarily due to the glitch. But should be added back once the bug is fixed.


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v3.3.522 has the renamed tab in Settings and has removed the device count from the top icon. :frowning_face:
Hopefully, it will come back soon.