Things uknown device's

Hi, I have been getting these notices from glass wire lately that unknown device has been joined to the network, I’m pretty sure I should be the only user on my internet but clearly not.
And there is like 3 of there unknown devices in my network and all starts with 10. ip
since time has passed i noticed one of these unknown devices has copied my computer local dns name?!?

I mostly use Nord VPN, I’m curious could this be some kinda VPN profiles in my network
I’m sharing network with my phone so its kinda tricky situation since I can’t access my router settings
And I already changed my phone wpa2 key couple times and reset the device for factory settings, still these connections pop up.

Example of one of these unknown device’s
Mac 00:FF:A4:9B:41:26


Could it be the broadband modem itself, or if you’re in an apartment building perhaps it’s how your network is set up?

Could it be a router?

If you are unsure and if you don’t have many devices perhaps just change your WiFi password to see if the device re-appears.

That is a private IP address.

The manufacturer’s organizationally unique identifier (OUI) for that MAC address does not appear to be assigned so it may not be a real device.;a=blob_plain;f=manuf

I reinstalled my operating system, changed my the wifi’s password i haven’t install vpn yet, these connections still seems to exist in my network and they join / leave randomly.

Could it be the broadband modem itself, or if you’re in an apartment building perhaps it’s how your network is set up?

No i dont think so.

Im starting to get bit worried about this situation :eye:

I have been in apartments, hotels, and other networks where it showed other devices. This is not the case for you? Perhaps it’s some type of router that is set up by your ISP?

Maybe call your ISP and ask them how their network works and what these devices might be.

IMO, there doesn’t appear to be much to worry about.

A private IP address is on your local network so it is probably assigned by your router. You would normally check the router’s DHCP / NAT assignment table to confirm this. Although you said " I can’t access my router settings", you have “changed my the wifi’s password” which normally requires access to the router settings. So you could turn off WiFi access at the router and see if the devices disappear in Glasswire.

You can see which device is the router because it should be the default gateway for Internet access. So you can get its IP address from the network connection properties on your computer or phone.

Do you have “guest” access enabled at the router? That can mean that no password is required so any device can connect.

Are you on a wireless ISP network where other subscribers systems may be visible to you? See the following topic for an example of this but notice that this user didn’t have a router so it probably won’t be the same problem as yours: