Time machine needed for Android subscription payment

Sorry, might not make this 2019 payment :joy:.The [Subscription] option through the Android shows that my next payment appears to be linked with my purchase date, instead of when my actual next payment is due.

Second screenshot is the actual payment date. NBD, just sharing for QA reasons. Android 11, software ver 3.0.368r.

Sorry for the issue. Nobody has ever reported anything like this before, is it possible the date is set wrong on your phone somehow? We just use Google Play for subscriptions.

It’s not having any ill effect. If there’s a social phenomena associated with over-reporting a software bug and subsequently regretting it, that is now happening.

(Perhaps a portmanteau of Leroy Jenkins and Bug Bounty?)

So if I understand correctly, you are saying and showing that your date/time is correct?

Yes, indeed I am.

(Random text to meet char quota)

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Reported to our team, thanks!

I paid mine up in august. On my google account, It says the next payment is in 2022. But on the app itself (which I uninstalled and reinstalled) it still says my next payment is July 2021.

Sorry for the issue, we will investigate and try to recreate the problem. May I ask the country you are from? There are some known issues with India and Google Play (unrelated to us).

UK here. I don’t have any play services blocked either.