TMI - How to minimize display height and simplify the tasks

I have recently switched to AT&T U-verse and installed the modem they required, a Pace unit (with terrible reviews…)

I used to monitor our home network total bandwidth with NetWorx, which did EXACTLY what I wanted - tracked total cumulative usage and displayed current activity in a resizable and re-configurable graph. But NetWorx cannot see the new modem.

Glass Wire does, but is giving me WAY too much information, and I cannot make the graph display what I need (just the lower, small-height graph would be good enough. I feel like I need a sandwich and and got a 12-course banquet. I can’t make sense of the docs (again, TMI.)

Any help appreciated, including - is there another really simple app that might be more suitable to my needs?

Thanks for any ideas.

Thanks for your feedback.

GlassWire can only monitor data on the computer it’s installed on (currently Windows only), but you can multiple multiple machines from one GlassWire install by using our remote access feature

You can also get usage information under our “Usage” tab, then get alerted when you hit certain limits by turning on the overage monitor Maybe the “Usage” tab will make it easier for you to see the bandwidth/usage more easily than our main graph?

Having to deal with a similar situation with the ancient router Verizon provides, I directed the ethernet output from the Verizon internet gateway to my own router and connected all devices to it. The Netgear router provides me with good high level throughput info. I then have Glasswire on all my Windows machines. When Android support is added in the future, almost all my network will hopefully be visible and monitorable in small amounts through Glasswire.

As you say, using Glasswire can be like drinking through a firehose. But Glasswire gives you lots of options to constrict that. Graph and Usage provde different and complimentary information. Have you tried not only the major gradations of time on the graph displays, but also limiting the observed period to the minute, hour or day you want by adjusting the “start/end” balls on the time scale? Almost any item displayed on a Glasswire table can be clicked on and exploded for yet more info. Also, click on Graph to pause the display and drag the vertical time indicator across the display to expose indvidual pin-point info.

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