To Block "Visual Studio Background Download" = backgrounddownload.exe which tries to connect to Internet From Different Folders.

you would have change the settings in Glasswire Firewall to [Click to block]. That’s the only other way to stop it. :grinning:

I can’t believe there’s no proper way to handle this… Click to block is not a solution since it’ll just let everything through initially essentially defeating the whole purpose of using Glasswire for me.

“Unfortunately allowing any application with the same name to access the network isn’t a serious solution because someone could put malware on your PC and call it the name of a popular program and it could do whatever it wants.”

How about the ability to deny by name and not allow? I’d be happy to automatically deny every Visual Studio Background Downloader connection and let it through manually when I need it.

GlassWire falls short of its potential and fails to meet expectations for comprehensive network monitoring and control. In comparison, Little Snitch on Mac provides far superior functionality, and I had hoped GlassWire would offer at least a fraction of its capabilities. However, my experience has been disappointing in several areas:

  • Granularity of rules
  • Monitoring of active and denied connections
  • Setting up sophisticated profiles based on WiFi connections and VPN status
  • Advanced features for temporary allowances and rule reviews for potential permanency

I believe GlassWire should invest in improving its software. Allocating resources to a dedicated team with a MacBook Pro running Little Snitch could lead to significant improvements. Simple yet essential enhancements are missing, and as a customer, I feel I am not getting value for my money, especially considering GlassWire is more expensive than Little Snitch.