To Block "Visual Studio Background Download" = backgrounddownload.exe which tries to connect to Internet From Different Folders.

  • Some How Finding Internet is Present (Through Host Process For Windows Services?)
  • Creating Different Folders @ΔT>30 Min Intervals and There is Always a Popup from
    Glasswire to Allow this Executable to Connect to Internet
    So that even though I Block it One Time It Again Asks Next Time and Next and so on…

Q) To Block Same Application-NAME Trying To Connect From Different Folders
(Visual Studio might be Intelligently Auto-Creating This Executable In Different Folders)
BLOCKING RULE: Block Based on “Name Match Only” Rather than “Path & Name Match”




Thanks for your feedback.

It’s a bit dangerous to allow apps by name, because someone can call their app “exporer.exe” and it can do whatever it wants. Maybe we can consider doing this by signed certificates or something like that instead.

Does this app backgrounddownload.exe have a signed certificate? Or would this make no difference with your issue?



I want to be able to Block(Not Allow) backgrounddownload.exe by its name …

Any way is acceptable: {File Executable Checksum, CheckSum CRC Size of Code, address of Entry Point, …}

—> It wouldn’t make any difference to my issue

The Only Irritation is
Glasswire Repeately asks @ΔT>30 Min Intervals whether to block backgrounddownload.exe which tries to connect to internet from different folders