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Replies I wasn’t allowed to post up:

Yeah, it looks like they’re all CloudFlare, but there’s now way I can check every single one of 'em…

However, in NirSoft’s CurrPorts and using the current IpToCountry.csv (NOV 2021), they all locate as “United States.”

As well, checking ARIN and ACNIC whois, they’re “USA - California.” APNIC and AFRINIC whois lookups query ARIN and return as IANA-BLOCK (which is as it should be). RIPE queries APNIC, too, and returns as European Union and NON-RIPE-NCC-MANAGED-ADDRESS-BLOCK.

Not only that, the GW v3.0.455 beta is now using the 2.3.449 GeoLite2.mmdb and… Thailand. I’m convinced that’s the problem but stand to be corrected, of course.

I’ve made mention of this in an email discussion I’m having with GW’s product manager.

Interestingly, the Firefox Flagfox extension’s I’ve been using for years has a lookup tool “geotool” which similarly fails to resolve CloudFlare, returning “Downtown Kansas City, Kansas City” for ALL U.S.A and “unknown” for global others.

GW will leverage SNMP, SSDP and mDNS for its network discovery and whether or not subnets are scanned within a LAN is dependent not on GW but the LAN’s architecture and workstations/device configuration.

LAN engineering requires a level of expertise well above that of the average user and capabilities unavailable in affordable retail hardware.

SoftPerfect makes some truly Good Stuff. I’ve been using NetWorx, Network Protocol Analyzer and Network Scanner since forever.