Total uninstall glasswire problem

Excuse me for my bad language.
It’s impossible to remove completely glasswire 2.1 . It tell me it is present on my computer but i find nothing. There is things on the base register, but i dont know exactly what i can erase. I just want to repair it because it doesn’t works after i have instaled a new sofware (now i have removed it).
Thank you


Sorry for the problem.

Did you try to use a third party installer? If so it can cause this issue because some third party installers can’t deal with software that has a Windows Service, so it breaks our uninstaller.

The correct way to remove GlassWire is to go to add/remove programs and choose “uninstall” there.

Please reboot, then try going to add/remove programs again and uninstall GlassWire. If that does not work please download GlassWire again and choose its “clean install” option and install it again, then reboot, then go to add/remove programs and uninstall. All our uninstaller components should be back in place.