Tracking what websites my children are viewing

I’m not to savvy on apps or computed, running a home center where I need to track what’s going on with them is difficult, there must be a away or a app,that tells me what they are looking at ( meaning the actual websites they view ) so i can block it, or mske a list . on tethering to my personal hotspot on my android while we are out and about running Aron’s and chores. Please advise me on this situation I’d be so grateful. Thanks

Thanks for posting about GlassWire.

You probably want something like a parental control software. Our software isn’t made to monitor behavior of people.

I wish it was that easy, its for tethering when we are out and about, long trips, Aron’s, etc. They tether from my fara hot spot

doesnt matter if they tether or not, as Ken said Parental control software is what you need e.g The best parental control apps for Android and iPhone 2022 | Tom's Guide

Setup a Raspberry Pi or spare PC with AdGuard Home on it. Make that the DNS server for their devices in your router.


  • Has built in Parental Controls
  • Has built in Malware blocking
  • Lots more!

Check out: Comparison · AdguardTeam/AdGuardHome Wiki · GitHub