Traffic Check - Traffic Meter Add Feature

Dear Glasswire Support,

i would have a wish.I think its a good Idea and everbody would wish this to check his Inetspeed.

Please add to the Glasswire App Max/Min Download/-Upload Speed for all Apps, so that you can see, which App had/reached a high/min Download/-Uploadspeed
a Daily/Weekly/Monthly Download-/Uploadspeed Result would be nice!
So that i can see for Example on 12.Day i reached the highest Downloadspeed.

king regards

Glasswire User :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback! I saw your review also, so I will just respond here instead of Google Play.

Unfortunately Android is super strict with background apps lately. Just adding some minor features and adding more resource usage can cause the OS to kill your app.

We agree this is a cool feature idea and we hope we can add more network-related advanced features to our Android app in the future but we are currently very limited by phone hardware, and Android OS resource usage limitations.

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