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I’ve posted my traffic type over the last week. I don’t understand how, even though my broswer is set to use HTTPs and I use a VPN that the vast majority of my traffic is ‘other’ or ‘Http’?

Can I ask other users to post thier Traffic type other the last week just to see if it is similar?


It looks really a lot. I’d recommend to check at the traffic type generated by each application to understand whish application is the cause. In my case I have seen some “http” traffic, but it was mostly generated by a Windows process called “Host process for Windows services”.
About “Other”, it is mostly generated by Zoom and GoToMeeting, which I use a lot. I have raised a request to our engineering team to see if possible to qualify better that type of traffic…

Thanks @Sean_GW; on further inspection the main application is my VPN. see attched: Worrying that from 11 Gig worth of traffic less than 400 MB has been secure over the last month!!?

You will always see HTTP traffic. This is because the CRL (Certificate Revoke List) is queried over HTTP rather than HTTPS.
I would suggest that you see the sites involved in that traffic and visit one or two using http and might see the CRL site. 380 MB over 10 GB of real traffic, over a month - might not be that excessive if the CRL data is queried more often.

search keyword: crl-over-https-is-it-really-a-bad-practice

Hi @brihathi; I think you have misunderstood
380mb from a total of 11Gig is over HTTPs and 10+Gig is described as other in other words more than 10Gig of my data cannot be idenfied as secure. I’ve been told that it could be my VPN as it uses different ports, so today I am using my computer without a VPN and can see so far that most of my data is HTTP (previosuly it was other), no updates running no background tasks. Something isn’t right, my browser is set to HTTPs only and also has the highest security setting!?

Hi @DollyB - I see what you mean.
Let me check if we both have the same view. With VPN on, if i look at the last 24 Hrs, its all HTTPS, but when i go beyond 24 Hrs, there is more HTTP traffic than HTTPS.

Is that correct?

Thanks for replying.

Actually yours is better than mine, with VPN on mine just says ‘Other’ which is a concern for a VPN as you’d expect most, if not all of the traffic to be like yours, HTTPs. I’ve reached out to you because support are saying its normal for it to be Other. From reading other forum posts no one has the same problem as me, so I’m trying to figure out if its my configuration or something more sinister!?

Apologies I did not mention before.
There is a “Other” that is consuming the most data
Then the next biggest is “HTTP”, which looks a bit odd to me, but I think it is mostly incorrect classification. The apps in the drilldown of “HTTP”, in my case, do use HTTPS.
When i drill down in “Other”, the biggest consumer for me is the VPN service, which is understandable.
I don’t think GlassWire (or anyone) can classify every network protocol. Quite a few applications use custom sockets (TCP and UDP) with TLS. To me, for my case, I can see the applications that are listed, do custom protocols. Depends on what the drilldown of the “Other” says in your case

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