Transfer activation code from Parallels PC on a Mac to ordinary Windows PC?

On 10/8/15 I purchased Glasswire Basic to use on my Parallels Windows 7 PC running on my Mac Airbook (Cleverbridge reference # 80962633), and found that it couldn’t “see” any other devices on my home system through the Parallels Windows/Mac interface. I just got a Windows laptop and would like to use the activation code from my 10/8 purchase on it. I just tried to do this and got a message saying the activation code had already been used. Can you help? Actually, I’d prefer that Glasswire work on my Parallels Mac, fi that is possible.



I was able to find your order through your forum email and I reset your activation code. Please try using the code again now. Thanks for buying GlassWire and I’m sorry about the activation code problem.

Many thanks for the quick response, Ken. Any new information about a Mac compatible version?

No news to share yet, sorry.