Transfer subscription to a new PC?

I had a basic licence on a PC which has just failed. I’m loading onto a nr#ew machine. Can I transfer the remaining subscription or do I need to buy a new subscription?


Of course you can use it on your new PC. Can you message me here by clicking my name privately, or email me the license privately so I can fix it? Please don’t post it to the public.

The most common reason license transfers fail with subscriptions is apps that break https like Kaspersky or something similar. Please white list if you use something that breaks https.

Now it’s Kaspersky that’s breaking HTTPS? I remember the days of XP where Norton - especially when uninstalled - would break cryptography and more.


If you are using Kaspersky it can cause issues with GlassWire https paid activation. I remember wondering why, then I read about it last year.

If I’m not mistaken, there should be a possibility to transfer your subscription


Yes, go to your order email and use the same instructions as when you ordered. If you run into an issue please message me privately here or email us.