Turn off Download New version Glass Wire

I apologize for not getting to you all sooner then this late date.
I really like Glasswire Premium, but not the update reminders.
I want you to suggest a nice registry edit to turn that function off.
I already took out one miserable one that always pollutes the Task manager. until
subdued. Its one that stopped , so I cant’ tell you what it was.
I just see other GW users dismay about it.

Please sell a no nag premium license.
I don’t have to update the software past 2022, and I do like
purchasing the license, which I haven’t done only because I don’t
like a Paid for Nag. I do want the new license though.
In the meantime, I have other network sniffer that works seamlessly with your free version.
It’s past my paygrade, but came with a slew of auto settings that do not permit many
Microsoft Host Process functions that are just spyBots for Microsoft, , and not at all necessary to the operating of the OS or Internet network connections. .Anything at all, other then to collect and disseminate all user info back to Home Microsoft.

Your premium will do the same thing on a ask to connect basis setting which then I say yes or no, and then make it forever off if I want.

Now the browser to contend with.
No place to run, no place to hide.